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Hi. someone out there was asking about switching a sl-20 bulb and sl-35 bulb. a gentle man was saying that he thought it was possable, but could not confirm. well i was looking at my operating instructions for my SL35x and under the topic of charging it states that and i quote. NOTE leaving the flashlight on. once the lamp has become dim,can reduce the usefil life of the battery. It is possable to extend the run timewith some loss of intensity on an SL-20X or 35X by replacing its lamp module with an SL-20XP or 20X lamp respectively. Also the intensity of the SL-20XP or 20X can be increased at a loss of run time by replacing its lamp module with an SL-20X or 35X lamp module, respectively. for lamp module identification see the color code list in lamp module replacement. So i guess this is the official word from streamlight.


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Yeah, the question was raised in another Topic, and a member (JohnSB ? ) said he was using the SL35X bulb in a SL20, without problems. Thanks for confirming from the manual !!