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Sold/Expired Surefire C2 Centurion and Z2 Combatlight

Sep 30, 2020
Caught in an air duct
Two of the very few hosts that can make a Malkoff engine proud!


PayPal and US only please.

Shipped Priority Mail. I will ship ASAP and PM you with tracking # when I've shipped.

First "I'll take it" post followed by a PM for payment information wins. Please respond to payment request within 24 hours.

I will reduce the price by $10 per item (starting with the second item) to pass along my shipping savings.

Thank you for looking. -Tom

These are pre-owned (by me) standard unbored models. Both have McClicky switches with hard-to-find hardpress boots. All O-rings have been upgraded with Viton (FKM Fluoroelastomer) rings and lubed where applicable with Super Lube Synthetic Grease. These are hosts only (no emitter).

1. SF C2 Centurion Host. Head customized with Xeno crenelated black steel bezel. OEM lens.
Condition: Used with the only notable blemish being the ding pictured below on anti-roll peak.
Asking $145 with free/included Priority Mail shipping.

2. SF Z2 Combatlight Host.
Head customized with Xeno crenelated polished steel bezel. OEM lens replaced with UCLp anti-reflective acrylic lens from Flashlightlens.com..
Condition: Used with tiny hints of wear on tailcap that look like dust.
Asking $155 with free/included Priority Mail shipping.

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