Surefire Kroma Mini-review, pics and video.


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Jan 15, 2001
Houston, Texas
I had a chance to be in a Kroma Passaround and here is my mini review.

I like the design of the light, The machining and finish is superb, feels well balanced, the battery tube seems like it could be bored out to accept 18650 li-ion cells but don't have equipment to measure and confirm, and has enough space for any 17670 cell, interesting concept to have 3 different colors to use, the white is about a WO tint to my eyes the red and blue leds have almost no noticeable rings, the tailcap has a lot of threads and apparently has lockout feature.

The selector ring works like this:

Red leds high
Red leds LO
Blue leds Lo
Blue leds high

Video holding the light and having trouble operating it LOL!

Another video using the selector with one hand, notice that the white high didn't activate and the tailcap was all the way screwed in.

By pressing the tailcap further or twisting the tailcap the high white mode engages along with the other color.

I didn't like the order of the colors, I would have put white on one end and red on the other with blue in the middle, it seems hard to center it fast enough for white.

The beam has a dark line across the center when seen on a white wall from 3 feet away, further the beam smooths and no visible line is seen, it fades nicely from the center like a textured reflector, and there is a small ring of light at the end of the corona comming from the optic.


Under exposed


The optic has dust and fine lint, does not affect performance but surely not expected to be there on a high price light.


The light does get warm when using in white high mode, not unconfortable to hold but you can feel it.

Another thing I didn't like is that the selector ring tends to be bumped into another color when grabbed firmly in the hand. or by manipulating the light, not good, it should have a harder to move selector ring.

The knurling is the same as the E2e, not too rough to tear your pockets, but enough to not slip from your hand. It doesn't have a lanyard hole.

I had some trouble using the 2 stage tailcap, sometimes the high beam didn't engage but when I switched to another color it worked

It is not easy to operate all the modes of this light with one hand, this is not good if you are carrying other stuff.

I took a comparison picture, I really hope they improve this light with a Cree or SSC led!




Jan 19, 2005
Thanks for the review and movies, this light looks so small in your hand :D.


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Feb 14, 2007
I like mine but all the wavelengths didn't come without a price. Since there are now only 4 led's for each color (other than the main white) the light level for each color is not very high. -Regards