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Sold/Expired SurefireAviator, UB3T , ZebraLights,


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Jun 6, 2016
First and foremost shipping will be done on the weekends. Shipping will be included in price within the U.S. I reserve the right to sale to anyone. I'll do my best to answer all questions , concerns etc.

1) Surefire UB3T- awesome throwy light that uses 3 primary 123 cells. Has a mode selector ring to choose different modes along.I'm sure I have the box for it.
Asking $225 SOLD

2) Surefire aviator with Amber secondary- This is the aviator that you rotate the head to get the led secondary. Cool white primary beam. Both modes have high and low. Bought it to try and it's a release for me. I have the original box for it.
Asking $225

3) zebralight sc5c- bought and kept in box for a rainy day. Unfortunately I have another that's a user and have this one as a spare. Awesome single aa light that goes from super moonlight mode to very bright. Tint is nuetral maybe 4500k. Will come with box
Asking $50 SOLD

4) zebralight SC52W- another awesome light I bought as an extra. Warmer led and rocking I believe an xml led. Almost didn't wanna post it but I have another that looks like boba fetts armor. Nice and loved from work. Will also come with box.
Asking $50 SOLD

5) zebralight H51FW- this is a AA headlamp that can also be used as a standalone flashlight with only the clip. Tried and release.
Asking $40 SOLD


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Mar 14, 2005
Louisiana - USA
Landed, these look barely used, very nice.

SC52w is great and little more throwy than the SC53 models. This one boost an Eneloop nicely (better than my 53) and strong power with Lithium Ion...

SC5c II LE this unit seems to have an induction(4) problem as it won't boost an Eneloop to 475 Lm. H1 and H2 are almost the same lower output. It runs a Vapcell Lithium-Ion F12 button-top nicely and gets up over the 500 Lumen level. On the SC5 you have to discharge the capacitor more thoroughly than on the 53 to not have a problem mixing battery chemistries. Great tint and CRI and having a little bigger head & light is a good thing for running at 500 + lumens. My first look at the SC5 and very happy to have this model!

H51F this model says no Lithium-ion use at all so I had to try it. Vapcell F12 button-top fits and runs. The H1 level is boosted to too many lumens and gets the LED too hot and causes flickering. H2 and all other lower levels run fine. Nice dual fuel around the house headlight...



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