Tactical Flashlight Holsters - Blackhawk vs Brite-Strike


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Feb 27, 2003
I now have the Blackhawk Mod-U-LoK and Brite-Strike Quick Cam Roto-Loc units on hand. Here are some shots. Overall, both are rugged, reliable units if used accordingly. The Blackhawk is simpler while the more complicated and bulkier Brite-Strike as a bit more adjustability offset by high mechanical complexity (for a holster).

Here they are side-by-side, unloaded. Any of the yellow tape you see is superglow tape. Any reflective bits are 3M 3000X Very High Gain retroreflective sheeting. These are working holsters and they and nearly every tool I carry has either retroreflective or photoluminescent marking or both. What you might notice is the missing elastic retention strap of the Blackhawk. I actually tore that while jockeying myself around to get in my car seat. Blackhawk is sending me two replacements.

These are fully adjustable for belt width and cant angle. I prefer my lights bezel down with a forward cant to make them sure, fast, and easy to deploy.

I thought the Blackhawk was a bit complicated as compared to my standard Ripoffs belt clip holsters but the Brite-Strike takes it up a notch. The roller cam light retention system has no elastic retainer, but it does have a flip up lock. The belt width adjuster is also a bit complicated requiring a screwdriver to loosen the lower half of the claw. Both holsters allow you to clip to a belt without having to thread through a closed loop. This is a big plus for me. Turning the tables, cant angle adjustment on the Blackhawk requires a screwdriver while the Brite-Strike unit has a firmly detented live rotation system that has more available positions.

Brite-Strike, rear, belt side

Blackhawk, rear, belt side

A nice feature of the Brite-Strike is the cutout at the bottom of the bezel tray. It allows you to rotate the light into a use position, activate, and illuminate the area in front of you.

Here are right side and left side shots.

With lights loaded. Two SureFire C2. Both holster seem to have been custom made for the C2. The bezel fits perfectly and snugly without binding. The clip retention wings of the Blackhawk and the roller cam retainers of the Brite-Strike ride just under the grip ring when the light is properly positioned. The roller cam handles fatter 6P lights while it's really, really tight getting that size light into and out of the Blackhawk.

Blackhawk on the belt. Left side.

Brite-Strike on the belt. Left side.

As to which holster I prefer:
1. For travel, the Ripoffs as they are less obtrusive.
2. For general carry, the Blackhawk.
3. For more demanding, flexible use, the Brite-Strike.


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