Tactical HID flashlight 35W/28W (dual mode)




i'm looking to buy 35W/28W Tactical HID flashlight

i preffer from the company tacticalhid.com or company that is well known in her hid flashlight like olight or automotivelightstore.com

does anyone knows a great HID flashlight with dual mode 35w and 28w?

i preffer the specification:

Output: 35W/28W (NEW Dual mode ballast!)

Lumens: 3400 (35W)/ 2800 (28W)

Temperature: 4300k

Length: 14.5 inches (36-37 cm)

Weight: 2.5 pound

Battery Life: 70-90 minutes (High) 90-110 minutes (Low)

Battery: Lithium-Ion (6×18650 battery pack)

35W HID Flashlight

4400mA Lithium-ion Battery

AC Adapter

Car Charger

Amber (3000K) Lens Filter

Shoulder Strap

Combination Lock Case

HID Flashlight Instruction Manual

Combination Lock Instruction Manual

thank you