Tactical strobe waveform


Newly Enlightened
Mar 4, 2020
Hi, new here.

Has anyone probed a commercial tactical strobe light with an oscilloscope before? I know you can make simple strobes using a 555 timer and bright LED, but the best one I ever made was using multiple timers to intermix two low frequency pulse trains which then went to a gate of a MOSFET switching a power LED.

By "best" I mean it had the most effectiveness as a tactical strobe in terms of disorientation, a single timer producing a single constant waveform was annoying, but visually I could tune out and overcome the initial disorientating effects. The two intermixed signals created a sense of visual harshness where my eyes were constantly trying to compensate for the changing light pattern.

Was just wondering how the pros did it for commercial products used by law enforcement etc, I'm sure they must of done lots of research and design into peak eye sensitivity and disruption.