Time to upgrade Coast HP1


Newly Enlightened
Feb 18, 2021
Hi Everyone, thanks In advance, hoping the collective minds here will have a good recommendation.

I have been using the HP1 for a few years now, on my 3rd one. First one I bought was $7.50 on Amazon, now they are $24 lol.
ive always like the light, it fits in pocket, the lighting of it suits what I need with the focusing beam, I like that it only has one setting on or off no strobe, and using a single AA battery it's always been easy to keep lit (there are always aa on the job site or even at the gas station). At the old price it was almost disposable if I were to loose one, I wouldn't be upset.

although after probably a hundred batteries and 20 time through the washing machine/dryer in my pocket it doesn't seem to be performing like it used to. Seems dim and batteries die quickly.

can someone recommend another light basically the same (definitely not less light though) but maybe better quality and hopefully rechargeable? I don't want something with a battery that needs to come out to charge. Cost isn't a huge deal, but don't want to go crazy.


Aug 9, 2015
John 3:16
The Coast HP1 was a goody. They did upgrade it to an HP5, which is 145 lumens with a 19 lumen low.

If you really, really, really need a zoomie the HP5 would be worth a look. The trouble with Coast lights is how they dim as the battery depletes. They start out pretty bright using a fuel guzzling LED, but the brightness doesn't last very long.

I suplimented my HP1 with a Pelican 2350. You can easily program it from the factory hi/lo/flash to high only or low/high.

Another one to look at would be the 2aaa minimag that you can carry in a shirt pocket like an inkpen. And Nebo makes one called Redline OC that can focus similar to the HP1.


Nov 21, 2015
Terre Du Lac, MO.
If you really want the onboard charging maybe a Streamlight Microstream USB. I think the next generation of HP1 is an HX5. Tool AA is always a good choice and every one should own a mimi mag.