What are your favorites in various size classes of budget flashlights?


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Nov 26, 2023
I am curious what people have that they like in various size classes of LED flashlights. I started with incandescent Maglites maybe 40 years ago, but the current crop of LED's are a completely different species. Some of my favorites:

Unique / sub-AAA: I have an Olight EOS that is very compact, and is a nice keychain light. 150 lumens is acceptable in a pinch. Tried a Nitecore Tip2. Bright and seemed great on paper, but I did not find it that useful / compelling. Big and clunky for a keychain.

AAA single cell: Couple of Thrunites. I love my Ti3 V2 for the .04 lm moonlight mode. Had it forever, and it has held up nicely. Gone thru a bunch of Ultra Tac and Glarees, but they didn't seem to last long. Running 10440's in them gave bright output, but not sure if that might have burned them up prematurely.

Multiple AAA: I actually have some Duracell 3*AAA and 4*AAA lights from Costco that I sorta like. Less of a pocket light, and more something to keep in the house.

AA / 14500: I still have a couple of Fenix 1*AA's and even some 2*AA floating around, but I have been using mostly budget lights for quite a few years. A few Lumintop Tool and Ultratac A1's have ended up being my go-to in that size. Just getting a Zebralight SC53cN tomorrow. Pushing my limits for 'budget', but hoping that might become a favorite.

18650 / 21700: Have gone thru a few budget 18650's (Lumintop, and some off brands) They are generally bright, but I haven't found anything that I really like yet in the 'large battery' group.
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Mar 22, 2013
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For AAA I like my olight i3e eos
14500 I like my Wurkkos ts10
18650….i don't have any modern 18650 lights anymore.
21700 I like my convoy m21a, but my Wurkkos ts21 is pretty good too