What Nanometer UV Bulb Is Best to Make All the Beautiful Passport & Money Security Designs Fluoresce?


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Sep 10, 2023
Hi lighting friends.

I currently have UV flashlight that has a certain UV nanometer for curing different classification of UV glues. If it's shone at a currency or passport (or anything has has a hidden security like some driver's license), it does fluoresce a few security features of currencies (asian currencies and asian passports: elaborate plants, venicles, eagle on some driver's license, etc.) may have most elaborate, beautiful security fluorescent designs but I don't think the nanometer of the UV bulb is fluorescing all the security features compared to the ones I see on streaming sites.

What's the correct nanobeter UV bulb must I buy to make all the security features of all government cards and passports fluoresce?

Thank you.

God bless, have a very successful October.


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Apr 19, 2005
yea, but there are several 365 leds, that supposed to be the same but they are not, have a convoy s2+ with lg 365, and i have 365 Mag drop in from lumencraft, they do not look the same, mag drop in makes more things glow, and power level are very different. even on high, s2+ does not come close to mad drop in, what makes it even better is a black glass filter, there is almost no visible light comes out, unless you look directly into the light, some of my glasses made of pc, completely block it, i can only see how things glow, while no visible light comes out of the light. It is the best UV i tried. I use 100 dollar jamaican bill to test uv lights, it has 2 different uv dies, only good uv like true 365 makes all of them glow, cheap uv 385-400 only make some of designs glow.


Oct 19, 2003
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The shorter the wavelength, the more energy it has and thus more likely to knock some electrons loose in the target material. When those electrons fall back to their ground state, they release their energy as fluorescence. For instance, 254nm UVC can make some mlnerals fluoresce that 365nm can't.