What Things Visible From a Window Would Someone Never Leave On?


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Jul 4, 2007
Hudson Valley
I went on an artificial candle quest some years back, and recently went through another binge as of late.

I wound up gifting the "moving flame" type candles by Luminara to colleagues (who loved them!) because they felt delicate, fragile, not at all well built, and I thought the movement of the flame was kind of...off. They moved a lot more than a real candle would, because, presumably, a real candle, indoors, in a dining room, living room, kitchen, etc., will not be subject to major air currents that waffle the wick all about.

Instead, I bought some Candle Impressions candles of the older variety, which do not have a visible wick, but they, too, look off; in this case, more orange than yellow or white as a proper candle should look.

My dad and I built a photocontroller wired to an AC outlet installed in a single gang box, and I installed it on the bottom of a window yesterday.

I also have a FakeTV I bought which projects light towards a window; however, there are reports on Amazon of some of those randomly catching on fire, which makes me hesitant to use it.


With everything above by way of prologue, what other things, visible through a window at night, would your average human not leave on after leaving the house?

I can use a power strip to attach more devices to my photocontroller, and I am curious what the minds at CPF might come up with as regards some other kind of a...thing which people would not leave on when leaving home.
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