What's this SMD?


Newly Enlightened
Oct 9, 2016
The supplier made a mistake and sent me the wrong LED strip (or is just scamming customers). It has slightly strange SMDs that have a top emitter surface similar to a 2835, although with a somewhat ill-defined phosphor area. Then they are sitting on what looks like a fat 3528 base, so much thicker than a normal 2835 SMD. I suspect it is some sort of bodge-up so they can be mounted on the old-style 3528 PCB layout.
The colour is also odd. It looks approximately 4,000K but has a pink tinge to it that I haven't seen before. It isn't just my eyes, a couple of other people remarked on it independently. Hard to represent with a photo, but here it is next to a fairly typical yellowish warm white SMD.