Wiseled Adapt impressions


Mar 24, 2004
Newfoundland Canada
O.K. i never wrote a review before but i felt compelled to do so because the Wiseled Adapt has excited me ever since i recieved it a few weeks ago. That is not what i can say about other lights i got in the mail since then.
So here we go

Wiseled adapt
concieved and produced by from what we can tell new outfit in Denmark. It was the smallest light in their line until the Stealth was introduced ( i will write about that one as soon as i get it). The Largest light the Tactical has been reviewed and was welcomed very good for it`s brightness.

six inches long with the 1 led head and about 1.6 inches in dia. on the handle. The weight is a hefty 13.6 oz. The multi function on of button is located at the rear end. The light can be easily held by an adult and the finish resembles a high grit oxide paper.
This finish is absolutely amazing and i have never seen anything like it before. It handles even better under water.
It is said to be waterproof down to 300ft.

The original Adapt with its 1 LED configuration and all its acessories for that matter is designed to be absolutely waterproof and i confirmed that in my hot tub every other night. The Light sources for all their lights are interchangeable but only the tactical can employ two light engines at the same time.
The 1 LED head employs cooling fins around the base but i must say that the light rarely gets warm in this setup. There is also another "radiatior" at the base of the light module to dissipate the created heat into the body of the base which seems to do the trick quite well.
The 3 LED head lacks the cooling fins but the radiator ring at the base does a very nice job in moving the heat to the base.
Also the actual connection for powersupply and i presume temp sensors is fully machined and it makes a very positive connection to tranfer the heat created.

The on off switch has a very tactile feel to it and switches the light very well above and below water.
The light can be clicked on and clicked off.
There is a loop dimming control which is operated in the following manor. Click on and the press and hold to engage the loop, release to keep current brightness. On my version there is a very minute pause after the highest setting is reached the same goes for the lowest setting.
I believe this pause was implemented after complaints about the lack of the same pause on the Tactical.
The light will remember the last brightness setting until it is changed again.
The light also features a rather anoying strobe function which is engaged by pressing and holding the on button. The strobe uses the last set brightness level. i feature that is very good to make sure to either get the brightest or longest lasting strobe.
The base of the light is magnetic and the magnet has neough power to hold the light in any position and activate the strobe function from the off position. Thsi feature is super usefull if used with one of the 360 deg. emitters.
Having sid that please keep the end of the light away from your wallet ( bankcards) or good mech. timepieces for obvious reasons.
It is believed that all Wiseleds employ K2 emitters the emitter fires into custom optics that do a very nice job colminating the light. The hoptics on all the models are however exposed and they have a rather large " whole" centered above the LED albeit not exposing it.
Some people suggested that a lens needs to be installed.
I can certainly see that need if the light i used in rough environments. I have not encountered any issues with the optics as of yet.
The power source is three Li-ion cell for a total 2200 mah and 11.1Volt and charging is done with the lighsource removed. A special connector supplies the unit with 13.5- up to i believe 38 Volt so all the charging control is done inside the light. Charging time is a claimed 1 hour, that however is very hard to confirm since there is no charging indicator provided. I do however believe that the forthcomming home charging base will have this indicator.

O .K. what about the output you wonder, well i had the light with me in the country a few weeks ago where there is no light pollution and i must say i am very impressed.
I compared the 1 LED unit to my ( now sold L4) and i must say it smoked the L4 in every aspect. The amount of light is very impressive but not too impressive given the sheer size of the Adapt versus other lights. The beam is somewhat square with very good color. The manufacturer claims an output of 140 Lumen it is a bit high but i would give it about a healthy 120 Lumen.
The 3 Led head makes this thing real fun and i mean fun and guilt free fun at that. The beam this time not that square but more spirograph round with a few triangular artifacts outside the hot spot. The unit can throw a reasonable distance with very good side spill. I would say it can chuck the light at least 75% as far as my M6 on hola.
And to compare the two further on a 5 min old set of Batt. Station 123`s in th M6 the two lights are equally bright. Now again the manufacturer claims 420 Lumen with the 3 LED head.
My gut is they are off by about 10%, not too bad

Now once the cells are depleted thing come to a rather swift halt the light simply shuts off, not something you want to see happening when S... hit the fan but i understand that the built in charging unit does not mind you keeping the cells topped up to be prepared.
I did not confirm run times but i will do that in the near future.
As fo beam shots i really suck at doing those but i will certainly try.

So as far as i am concerned this is one of the more innovative systems that came out in the year past and the fact that the Light engines can be replaced at moderate cost as LED technology improves certainly helps.
A full warranty for three years is not too shaby either.
The only concern would be access to their products in the future since we are dealing with rechargeables and not primaries here.
But in the meantime i truly enjoy the minimal nordic design and quality they posess.

And there is only one quality supplier that stocks the whole line http://www.tacticalsupply.com Steven is wickedly good to deal with and he responds to queries 24/7
he also offers CPF`ers a sizeable discount just use the code CPF 20 when you order
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