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Sold/Expired wtb: best flashlight threads degreaser and greaser


Jan 15, 2004
Re: wtb: best flashlight threads degreaser and gre

I think Mr. Bulk recommends Caig products (www.caig.com).

Radio shack is now selling Caig Deoxit and Caig Pro Gold in kit packs (around $12-$15).

I've been using 91% isopropyl alcohol (Walgreens 99 cents) as a degreaser and Permatex Dielectric Tune-up Grease (AutoZone $5 .33 oz) on some of my stuff. Seems to work fine.

jcciv sells NyoGel 759G which is what Surefire uses on their threads. It's pricey ($22 .2 oz).

Good luck!


Jun 7, 2004
Re: wtb: best flashlight threads degreaser and gre

Would 99% alcohol damage the ha3 or remove the chemkote? I tried wiping the threads with it but I could still see the black in the grooves althotugh it did dry out. After some squeaking, I put some vaseline on it temporarily.

Was using my fingers and a lintfree cloth but it was hard to get that grease in the grooves. Ended up with grooves in my hand. Boy that went deep.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 11, 2003
Roaming Around - Southern USA
Re: wtb: best flashlight threads degreaser and gre

Alcohol will not hurt HA3 at all. I can't think of anything that will damage HA3 that isn't dangerously caustic.

Chemkote, I'm not so sure. It seems impervious to alcohol, but I haven't done any long-term dunking in it to really see how resistant it is.

To get the grease out of the grooves, you can try cotton balls or q-tips soaked in alcohol. Personally, I use the pre-moistened alcohol swabs. You can get a box of 100 of them for about a buck at any drugstore. They keep them with diabetes testing stuff. I use them for all kinds of stuff.

You don't really need to get the grease into the grooves. Just smear it on, and as you mate the parts it will get squished down in there.

BTW, I use the elcheapo lube gel from radio shack, and it works great IMO. $3 gets you a gigantic tube that will last most people forever.