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Sold/Expired WTS: IMALENT R90TS 36,000 lumens and 1 MCD of throw(PRICE DROP)


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Jan 23, 2010
Bear Delaware
I would like to sell my Imalent R90TS to fund a the future GT94VN. I am a throw guy so a quad led light with 4 big reflector wells and 4 throwy leds each pushing 5k lumens and 1.7mcd sounds better to me then 36k lumens and just under 1mcd. The R90TS definitely throws mad lumen down range but it covers to much atmosphere on the way to the target things can looked washed out as all you see is the beam in the sky in front of your target. However its still imo one of the most impressive lights money can buy atm. The lumen at turn on is staggering. Any white wall with in 25 feet of turn on will overexpose your eyes instantly. Its absolutely ridiculously insane. Lets keep this sale USA only. I ship via FedEx express next day at no extra charge. I bought this light on June 30th and spend $559 on it. Condition is perfect. Only have charged it twice. Never ran for more then 2 minutes at a time. I feel generous so i am going to let it go for just $450 $425 shipped

20200830_230731 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
20200830_230839 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
20200830_230817 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
20200830_231214 by Alex Littig, on Flickr
20200830_231234 by Alex Littig, on Flickr

Top of the trees in the back are 500-600 feet away.

20200704_223046 by Alex Littig, on Flickr

First ill take it gets it followed by Paypal payment. Pm me for info.

Thanks for looking.
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