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WTT Solarforce K3


Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 22, 2013
Southern Ontario
I have a nice solarforce k3 up for trade. It is surefire "C" thread. Has an MT-G2 putting out if I remember 1500L. Around 600 on medium and around 300 on low. Requires 2-3 lithium ion cells to function. It's a pure neutral floodlight, which isn't my thing which is why I figure someone else can get some enjoyment out of it as it's just sat in a drawer for the last 5+ years. Comes in original packaging.
As far as condition, I'd rate it as pretty good. Some ano wear on the peaks of the grooves. Has a coated glass lens and stainless bezel ring. 2" diameter

Looking for something along the lines of a surefire lx2, edl-aa, Incan aviator, make an offer either here or in messages
This is for the flashlight head only. No body or tailcap

Thanks for the consideration F08A489F-649B-49A0-934A-F931AC8CC1C1.jpegC99C33FC-BB8A-42B2-B953-F62C561F0E01.jpeg6E7C03F9-A04E-4D4E-ACF4-B242DEC558A9.jpegB1F4CCFA-482D-4F2A-97E6-0F46A2F2F828.jpeg0E3A8861-EE25-4149-89F3-1BF97D1DC1CA.jpeg
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