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Sold/Expired Zebralight, Laulima, HDS, Sunwayman, CWF, Prometheus Lights


Jul 14, 2016
Time to trim the collection again. With the exception of the Zebralight (which is like new), all of these lights have seen carry and have minor scratches and snail trails from pocket carry and use. But all work great. Payment via PayPal f&f, no notes please. Price includes USPS shipping to anywhere within the USA.

1. Sold Zebralight SC600W IV Plus Hi XP50.3 4500k emitter - $55.00 shipped.

2. Sunwayman V11R – modded with Nichia 519a 4500k DD, comes with AA extender as well - $125.00 shipped

3. Laulima ION Tumbled Aluminum originally 219c modified to OSRAM W1 emitters turning it into a clean white thrower while the triple LED head still provides a wide hotspot that is very useful up close. $225.00 shipped.

4. Sold HDS Rotary NLT325 with CR123a battery tube and raised tail-switch button. $225.00 shipped.

5. CWF Arcadian Aluminum – 219c 4000k emitters with red secondaries - $225.00 shipped

6. Sold Prometheus D2 – 219c 4000k emitters - $225.00 shipped
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