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Thread: Boruit RJ-3000 replacement lens

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    Not sure if I can start a new thread on this or if I should have jumped on an old Boruit thread. Anyway, this is probably going to be my one and only question here...

    By the power of stupidity, I managed to lose a lens off one of the small lamps on my headtorch. It's working fine, and I only really use it for finding dog poo on a winter morning, but it would be nice not to have tape holding the thing together. Can anyone point me to the best place to get a cheap replacement, please? I've searched online and the only place that came up with any possibility of spare parts seemed to be this forum (but I couldn't find a relevant thread). I couldn't find anything helpful on any of the Boruit sites.

    Thanks very much.

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    Did you lose just the lens or the retaining bezel
    the lens may be available at Bezel, probably only the manufacturer.
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    Retaining bezel, lens... both gone. Lamp is held in with tape and open to the elements. I'll have a look at that lens site, thanks very much.

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