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  • Hello Ezeriel!

    I was reading some old LD22 threads from years ago, and wanted to tell you your posts are great! You're awesome, thanks for sharing on CPF!
    grats on the LD41 ! I have a TK45, and I think dealing with 4 batteries would be a major advantage over dealing with 8

    I ended up ordering the LD41, more powerful and with more-than-double the runtime at the same lumens with only double the batteries (at 190 lumens, 2h26min for the LD22 vs 7h30min for the LD41, and the LD41 can output 520 lumens for 2h10min, close to what the LD22 does at 190 lumens).

    It did arrive and I am very very pleased with it, it is very powerful and not that heavy nor that big. Construction quality is top notch, really impressive. Love it.

    The only advantages of the LD22 are the size and the weight, it is a lot more portable. I think both are great lights, I can speak for the LD41 by experience and for the LD22 by all the things I read in the internet, it is widely acclaimed. If you want a very portable light but less powerful and with less runtime, go for the LD22, if you want raw power and runtime while sacrificing portability, go for the LD41.

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