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  • Wow test on Budgetlight forum and Jayki.com

    1A hmmmm , wonder who would spread such fertilizer ?

    Renamed Hi-max now , and will re-test shortly when the new Hi-max cell arrives ..
    I have found the main link where you compare them all.

    They look like pretty decent cells!

    Thanks for all your hard work you have done on these tests.
    Hi old4570,

    I am trying to find your review on CPF of the WOW 18650 cells. I follow the link in your sig but the WOW cell review thread seems to have been removed.

    I am trying to weigh up which budget cell is the best. I heard else where that the WOW cells have been reported to have high internal resistance and thus can't deliver over 1amp, not sure how much truth there is in this.

    Would love to see your review on them!

    Many thanks

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