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  • Hi Steve,

    Sorry to bother you. i'm trying to get ahold of a replacement clip from my Sunwayman V10R Ti+. Are you still making these? And if so, how much are they? Thanks!

    Hi KUKU427,

    I've been reading with interest about your E2D drop in heads... Looks like the paypal option from the http://velenodesigns.com/ site is in Chinese, or something... Do you have a US distributer, or only selling from overseas? - I see the price is in US dollars; if only selling from overseas, are there any additional Paypal, Customs, or international fees I need to be aware of?

    What are your approximate lead times, and do you have them (1, 2, and 3 mode 2CR123 heads) in stock?

    Also, what are the output lumens for the 2 and 3 mode, 2CR123 heads?

    Thanks for your time!! Sorry for all the questions!

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