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  • I'll give it a whirl, but the fragile finish on these things has me wishing for someone to make an aluminum clone of the Rebel reflector...dare to dream. Thanks.
    Cut bottom half of Mag reflector off, put it in the one to be sputtered as "shield", then sputter them together.
    I read darkzero's tutorial thread on sputtering plastic Mag reflectors....could you offer me a tip? I'm trying to emulate the half-OP/half-SMO hybrid Mag reflectors you've made. Specifically, how do you ensure that the upper portion of a reflector remains un-sputtered?
    Hey Brother I found that Lisa lense for my solitare but cant find a 10mm star was looking for one with emitter R2 or Q5 would you happen to have any you would sell. Im looking for a cool tint in the area of 5000k will be the wifes personal light.

    Hey ma_sha I am building a mag dragon as well and I was a little dissapointed by the performance of my xre-r2. Seems the lens was not designed for this led. I want to do an sst-50 swap. I have a few questions, What is the easiest way to get 5 amps to power an sst-50 driver or direct drive? What would you suggest for battery set-up? It is going to be in a 2-D mag host. Thanks
    RE: 5x Cree Mag 2C
    Hello... i cant find the PM button. So im not sure if this is the right place to post my paypal accnt # or ask yours. PLease drop me a PM and i'll send the payment.

    Hi. I was wondering if you could help me out. I am looking to try a mod to a ITP EOS to match your mod made to the ITP AAA EOS. Would you be so kind as to provide exact measurements.. i.e the length to cut from the end of the light... Many thanks Mick
    hi tony taylor. australia where can i buy that great looking reflector for my 6d cell maglite with a malkoff 240 lumens insert. it must through a very sharp spot. ps everybody seem's to say it comes from a rebel mag ??. have sent a few messages BUT have not had a reply as yet. THANKING YOU TONY.
    Hi, what HID PROJECTOR did you used on the franken deft mag ? Could you point what ebay product it was ? Thank you very much for any help !
    Thank you ma,
    I have ordered a couple of the reflectors in the link you provided, and also picked up the Mag duo set at Costco. Would the focus mechanism (angle cut neck) on the reflector be required or used for most mods? In other words, is that something that I should count on providing as part of the reflector?
    The D reflector has a hole diameter of .500". I understand and agree about the flat at the focal plane; do you have a suggestion as to a minimum hole diameter to begin with? I'm not entirely comfortable with using a step drill on the reflector, the nickel won't cut the same as plastic or even aluminum.
    I just found your post titled "7 XPG R5 -Indigo Mag 2C - 2500 Lumen Monster". That output in incredible. I currently work in law enforcemnt and I used a P7 3C mag mod as mod as one of my duty lights. I like the diameter of the C mag light and the placement of the switch. It works great with the grip I use when shooting with a handgun. I am looking for something with more output. I using use the light for short burst on traffic stops and building searches. Do you make lights to order? I would love to have this LED head configuration on a 3C or 4C mag mod. That would allow for more battery options. Thanks for your time and consideration. Great job on the light.
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