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  • hey - just posted on your charger posting -- all said, the WF-138 works well, but I kind of wish I bought the Pila based on the great reviews. Only drawback is 3x the cost.
    correction and you check on warenties yourself to make sure please. My email correction

    nativecajun57 @ comcast.net without the spaces of course. And if you want a back up light for that I have a Quark Mini CR2 and I will throw in the batteries I have. Nine maybe give or take. For a solid offer that is on the two. Getting away from the CR2 format.
    Myshondt AEON. A better CR2 flashlight would be extreemly hard to find. Look it up, find the best deal then you can email me at nativecajun @ comcast.net I have one that is without a flaw. Less than ten hours use I would say. I took the ring off but if one is serious about putting this beautiful light on a key ring you could put any ring that you can get through the provided hole. If you want the original ring, MyShondt will more than likely send you one for free. (Do not quote not sure) His waranty. If it breaks he will fix it. I believe that goes to passed on and sold lights as well. You check for your self though to make sure. All american made, all of the very best top notch componets used. And everyone has Type lll anodizing well his goes beyond that. This is one tough light. See what you think and make me and offer I cannot refuse if you know what I mean. 2" by 5/8th inch (I think) Two simple modes. Look at Lighthound.com
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