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  • Hi Patriot,

    I've just bought a new PH40 and started a thread in the HID forum asking if anyone could advise me on the beam.
    It has a blue-ish tint in the very centre hotspot. Rest of the beam is ok (warm-ish white).
    Was wondering if this is nomal with this light, as I have read lots of Polarion threads but never heard mention of a blue tint hotspot.
    I see you haven't visited for a while, but hope you can chime in with your expertize on these lights.


    Thanks for the preon 10440 review on youtube. It really helped me make my decision on which light would be best for an edc. You're preon still going strong? How long does the battery usually last and by that I mean runtimes?
    Hey I was wonder what ur thoughts were on the Microfire Patrol 3500? I have been using the standard K3500 for the last 1.5 years and am acually very pleased with it and get attention from other police officers as well as police officers from other towns on how bright it is.

    I dont like the base switch. I like how the Patrol version has the switch on the handle itself vs. the base. 90 minute run time is great to. The one thing I missed about the streamlight was the fact that the MF K3500 did not give me that feeling that I also could use it as an impact weapon if I had to.

    I have dropped K3500 5-7 times and is beat up with a huge dent near the lens and it still fires up every time. Suprised how rugged it has been for an HID.

    How bout start up time? It's hard to get an idea how much bigger it is also. Do you feel the lens will throw further then the K3500? It does seem to be a little bigger.

    Any advice would be great. Thanx.

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