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  • Hi, I wasn't sure if you were going to PF17, if you are is there anyway if I can bum a ride with you? I also live in MA, if not no biggy, Thanks.
    Dear Radio;
    I am trying to get this message to Unf. could you forward it to him please?
    Unf: I have NO MEMORY of what I wrote that you edited -- could you please remind me?
    (my email doesn't work, does the "private messages" work here? if so could you reply to my pm ?
    Thanks so much,

    THE post:

    ".....Join Date: Feb 2006 well not exactly...
    Location: Ventura, CA.
    Re: Are bobcats dangerous?

    Moderation comments removed...

    as for your daughter froggy, I think we are agreed that you were there and able to respond to any thing going wrong between them..obviously full grown bobcats shouldn't be left alone with little kids...
    Last edited by Unforgiven; Yesterday at 12:10 PM...."
    Dear moderator,
    I think this thread is in wrong forum.
    I appreciate your attention.
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