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  • Hey StarHalo,
    Just wondering what's up with the "Stanley" photo as your signature? I worked for an alarm company that was bought out by Stanley and they closed the doors to our office that day, no notice, no severance pay, nada! Fortunatly, a neighboring franchise alarm company came over that day and hired all of us to work the same area but under a different name for the accounts they still monitored here.
    Needless to say, I don't think highly of Stanley so I thought I'd ask.
    Hi, how much would you want for your 8800GT, and what brand is it? would you be interested in a trade of some sort? idk what i could trade with you, but just thought i'd ask. :D
    Do you own a LD10 and have you runa 14500 rechargable in it? Is this dangerous i.e burn up the LED faster? Any drawbacks? I want to hear from someone that has actually done it.
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