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  • Hello Stefan - long time no speak.

    Just thought I would send you a PM to see how things are with you and family.

    I still have the Tiable A8 that you modded for me with the P7 :)

    I thought I had lost it in the field when I went out hunting with a friend - I was certain it was in his car but he could not find it.

    Spent ages trying to decide what I would replace it with and then, literally minutes before I committed, he sent me a text to say he had found it in his shooting box (which he had been in several times since I had asked) and suddenly spotted it.

    It has been a faithfull light thought the regulation went a bit weird. I managed to gut a cheapo DX tail cap and it fitted directly into the Tiablo tail cap without any mod work at all.

    Anyway, what are you up to.

    Kind regards,

    Simon (Looman - CPF)
    Hello Stefan

    I read your topic (MRV SSC P7s. Lots of different SSC P7 beamshots!) and I found it really interesting. At the moment I'm working on a divelight prototype and I'm looking for a reflector. I would like to use ssc p7 or the sst-90 would be better. The lumapower OP reflector could be the solution. Could you send me the main dimensions of it. Unfortunately I haven' found it yet. I need a reflector with relative tight beam. How tight (in degrees) the beam of your lamp with this reflector approximately?

    Thank you in advance.
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