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  • hey,me wouldnt happen to know were to get aluminum minimag reflectors would you? i finally bought a 2xAA mini maglite and now i wana make it into a sorta thrower.but i havent had any luck in finding aluminum reflectors for mini maglites.
    Hi John,

    Light arrived today. Outer box was beat to crap but the light is intact and it's amazing.

    Very cool Mag lite. Now I got to figure out a nice way to display it when not in use.

    Thanks for the duracells as well. What type of cell(s) could I use as well? I noticed it has an insert for another battery.It's marked 4.5 .

    Again, thanks for a very sharp light,it's coming to Hunter with me this weekend. I may just invest in one of those lens protective bezels if I

    come across one. I used the CPF search and nothing popped up. Then again, I do like the strange look of it the way it is.I'm sure to get a few

    strange looks as well.

    Have a good week.

    HI. TONY TAYLOR. AUSTRALIA, where can i buy that great looking reflector for my 6d cell maglite with a malkoff 240 lumens insert. it must through a very sharp spot. it seem's to come from a rebel mag ??would like to buy 4 off. my email [email protected] thanking you tony

    Thanks for your response on the 5x XR-E modules. I saw you also had the DX 3x reflector with 3 MC-Es in a 2C Mag. Could you share more details on how the light is assembled - how the 3x reflector is secured to the heatsink ( it seems to have a central bolt), the heatsink on the C Mag. Thanks a lot once again. Gav
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