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  • Had to come see if you were still active, was just looking at an EDC post from 2002, you were way ahead of the curve
    Hello, i have been enjoying your great reviews and comparisons! As a "deep-red" lover myself, I am about to get me a (to be hones really ugly looking) Rigel Skylite. Since you did the review in 2006, have you come across another, more modern looking light that emits 660nm red and is fully dimmable as well? Much appreciated.
    Vincent, have used your reviews in the past to make a purchase. As you may know I have been away a while and am thinking of getting a Quark Preon II after reading up on them, and your beamshots and review have been useful. Any issues with these that have turned up over time? I love 2 AAA lights and am really considering this one.
    Your post (#16) on warm white white at the link below was one of the best posts I've ever read on anything, and your beamshots and the discussion that came after it were so helpful. I agree on comparing A/B's directly... but I'm thankful to have any outdoor shots. Since I'm picking this up some time after the thread cooled off, I don't want to bump it to have multiple people just reading my thank-you, but I wanted you to know all the same.

    I'm preparing to purchase my first warm led (quark mini cr2). Just gotta decide neutral or warm. I gotta say neutral looked best to me... but outside with 'real eyes' I guess the only way to see the 'enhancement effect' is to try it.

    I also remember seeing a violet to red color output chart of an LED and it spiked in blue, spiked down to almost nothing around green, then curves up a little bit, then sags back to almost to nothing by the far end of red.

    1k char. limit! >:(

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