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  • Thank you Grijon for kind words,the v11r mirage should be available still at many places to buy,it is a nice light and makes a great EDC with the infinite control:thumbsup:
    2 things, ven:

    1) That V11R of yours that you posted in the real estate EDC thread is stunning.
    2) You are just all-around one seriously cool cat.
    Hi there Bill, i wondered what had happened,i put 2+2 together and presumed naughty step,just hope you had you anorak keeping you dry;-)

    Glad all sorted :)

    I am back after a week on the naughty step,no sense of humour these yanks,hope you liked my posts in my stealth mode.:D


    I no its uglay has hell but the 1M lux stanly LED light he is working on looks pretty goo as a thrower, was thinking migght get one at some point, I have no need for one but hay......would be awsome on fireworks night lols......
    Hiya buddy, just sending this to let you know I have friended and contacted added you as need to clear out PMs but dont want to forget who you are if I want to conatact in futre XD, hope you dont mind.

    How is things going?

    Im thinking of ordering a coupla new lights in the comeing mounths XD, maby another two B20s for more power for offroading / otherbike as it is always good to have a perminant light on a bike if its one that is regularly used for night rideing and i have around three bikes but am always looking at buying more XD so more never hurts, also thginking of getting a JetBeam soon to!
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