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  • Any chance of buying a 3 watt Nichia NSL183T-H3 made up to screw into MAC's EDC? Looks Great - I've got a Al host & a Ti host.
    Hi Will,
    Thanks for answering my question about the Nichia LEDs. Does your friend happen to have 1 more for sale?
    Hello, I was wondering if your able to make a battery sleeve for a C size mag light?
    I have a malkoff P7 dropin running off of 2 AW 18650's in a 3-cell C maglite. The battery sleeve i have now rattles, and just doesn't fit as well as i would like.
    Hi Will, just wondering if you provide service for slotting a D10 battery holder for a 2x8mm trit vial? I have bought a 1D mag from you before so I know you do good work, thanks.
    Hi, would you be able to machine me a small disc heatsink? I need a 20mm/- diameter by 6mm aluminum disc. How much and how long will it take - also shipped to Dallas, TX 75219? I don't know if I'll need it 100% yet, I'll know more definitely in about a week.
    Hello, I am interested in a couple of your mag lites. I am new to modding flashlights, and was wanting something hopefully with a 3 or 4 way switch. If not, no problem. I guess Id like something fairly bright with all the run time I can get. I dont mind going a bit crazy either..lol..and suggestions would be helpful.
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