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For Sale - Flashlight 1 of 1 okluma prototype


Newly Enlightened
Feb 18, 2016
It has been a looooooong time since i posted but i go back 6+ yrs. Since ghosting cpf, ive posted my collections (custom/prod/mid knives, torches etc) on IG at hec_bt. Have plenty of references in the edc community including makers. Anyway…..

Up for grabs is a special light Jeff @okluma made in collaboration with Colin from Rad Knives. This never made it to production but Jeff was kind enough to sell me this years ago. Feel free to ping him for questions on authenticity.

Comes with:
1. DC1 body tumbled and unique 1–off head
2. Wildemoon/Okluma collab leather case
3. Damascus Okluma bead. Not many of those around!

Asking 1200 shipped in the US.

Mods/members please ping me if Im breaking the rules or left detail out. Again, havent been here in years. Still avid collector and big Okluma junkie. Lenslight is not included nor are any items beyond what's described above.