14500 flashlight? Is this one good?


Jul 14, 2016
The ReyLight is a nice light and is relatively bright on a 14500 on high (about 500 lumens). It has a fairly small reflector, so don't expect to throw all that far. I have one that I rotate with my other lights and enjoy it for use around the house. More than enough inside or working in the garage or even light up most of the hill in front of my house for short periods. As far as brighter in the price range, if you are wanting to stick with 14500s, then I don't know of any that provide enough greater brightness to matter. And, high out of any of the 14500 flashlights can only be used for a short time before thermal protection kicks in or it gets too hot to hold. I will say the brass and copper ReyLights are better mannered (doesn't overheat too quickly) than most of my other 14500 lights on high.
If you don't mind moving to other battery formats, then there are a host of lights that can beat the ReyLight for brightness at the price point, but none that I can think of that match the build quality and exceed the brightness significantly.