1st time P60 host/head questions


Newly Enlightened
Jun 7, 2010
I would like to buy a nice p60 host. If I could get something that has good heat sinking and nice fit along with good looks and decent quality its a win situation.

I have been reading forever and I am more lost then when I started. Do the solarforce L2P hosts have a standard p60 fit? Is there a best host, best head, best tailcap?

I want to run a triple xpg with two 18500's and get 1100-1400 lumens. Does anyone make a copper slug for the p60 drop in? What is the best driver or should I buy a complete engine?

I really do not want to pay 300 for surefire parts are there any parts with equal quality?

Guess I just need some help getting started here.

Thanks for the advice in advance......