25+ years ago, what lamp did I have?


Nov 30, 2009
San Jose, CA
I first started mountain biking in early '90's and bought a li'l keychain LED lamp for emergency use. I was SO bummed at how dim it was for my needs. Hated it in fact, and bought a Photon keychain light which was a wee bit brighter. I remember the Photon II coming out later, after that, to give a time reference of within decades past.

I'm sure I never threw it away, yet never found it since it was last seen in the nineties. I've long repented of my disdain for low lumens. They fill quite an important role in life...kinda wish I could find it.

In fact, I've no idea what it was. For the life of me, I cannot even remember if it was an N cell or AAA but at some point I also owned a Streamlight Nano which was smaller than this.
The thick, ruggedly constructed aluminum body had a single diameter/no bulges and was very smoothly featureless, until the knurling of the head. The thick tailcap area being cylindrical-ly machined on both sides/cross drilled for key ring.
The head took perhaps 1/6 or less of overall length, with medium knurling...it just felt too small while twisting it on. Dull black anodized finish.
There was a very blunt "reflector" machined into the end of the head where a bare 5mm LED sat recessed.

Any help with what model lamp i had?

Lithium Juice

Newly Enlightened
Apr 2, 2009
Could it have been a CMG Infinity? IIRC they were around the same time as the early photon lights.


Sep 21, 2017
I had some kind of 3 LED cheapie from Home Depot. I would guess it was 15 lumens max. It was terrible. But then I got a 4D mag light and that was my first decent light.