6x XM-L builds: motorbike + bicycle headlamps and garage light




I just recived 6 XM-L leds from cutter. They are insanely bright. Mine are T6- 1C bin.


Soldered directly to copper sheet. Connections are on top of the led, I filed away the bottom + and - and gave it a bevel so the vias dont short.

Im experimenting with this one. I already scratched the dome a little.

Plan is to sandwich the copper between two lumps of aluminuim. The front will be drilled out, and pollished to give a roughtly circular, floody beam, for lighting up the garage.

If I can work out the optics side of it, I plan to use 2 or 3 xm-l's for a motobike headlamp - with correct beam pattern.

And 2x bicycle lights, one xm-l, powered by 2-4x 4000ma/h nimh C cells each.

no ideas on drivers yet. I ordered 7135's from DX but they said unavailable.