A quick commentary on the 130 lumen PT Apex.


Feb 3, 2005
Southeastern, NC
I just recieved my new Apex from Lighthound today. I have not had a chance to take it outdoors yet but just using it indoors for a few minutes has impressed me very much. I own the older 65 lumen model Apex which is still my favorite but I think it has just been surpassed.

For a long time I have wanted a headlamp that was similar to the Surefire U2 on high, combining a decent throw beam with a good even flood. I think the 130 lumen Apex delivers. It may not have quite the throw of the U2 on high but it has similar or better output than mine and excellent flood .

I haven't really used the 5mm leds much yet and I've got to get outside and put it to the test on the ponds and swamps back home but so far I think this is my favorite headlamp yet.

I'll post more later as I get chances to use it and test against my other headlamps.