AA, clip, 150+ lm, Clicky, low-low


Oct 1, 2009
I'm fairly certain I know the answer to my questions, but I figured I'd run it past the experts here just in case I'm missing something.

My uncle wants a light very similar to mine (D10 Tribute), and I've come up completely empty.

1xAA (14500 capable)

Tail Clicky

Deep pocket clip

3 Mode - 150+ lm, ~50 lm, 2 lm (disco is OK if hidden)


$75 OTD


1) Is there currently such a beast?

2) Are there any rumors about an upcoming light like this?

3) If No for questions 1 and 2, why the hell not??!!

The SC51 Zebralight is close but 14500 isn't supported, and it's not a tail clicky. The Quark AA is close, but it's too big, has a crappy pocket clip, and doesn't have the brightness on 1xAA. The D11 is close, but no clip, and it has the stupid disco shortcuts.

So, what am I missing and/or what is coming down the pipeline that will replace the penultimate 1AA EDC NiteCore D10?

Remember, anything bigger than a Quark AA or non-clicky is completely out of the question.

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