Strange 'low' lumen strobe behaviour Zebralight SC64c LE


Newly Enlightened
Jul 7, 2021
Hi all,

I recently got a modded SC64c LE from BobMcBob with a domed 3500k 519a in it. I've noticed some strange strobe behaviour which I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere, and which I've now spent some time documenting, so I know when it happens / how to temporarily 'fix' it, but would appreciate any insights about ways to long term fix it etc if possible.

The problem is that the strobe sometimes activates in a 'low' mode, rather than H1 strobe. I don't know the lumens but it is very clearly far lower.

From testing, I now know this happens when you shift the torch into G6 or G7. It doesn't happen when you shift into G5.

The only way to get it back to the normal 'high' strobe is to access H1. If you have one of your 6 levels set to H1 and access this, the strobe now returns to normal. If you don't have H1 as one of your 6 levels you have to access it through the level config, then again the strobe returns to normal.

So, in summary, when entering G6 or G7 the strobe gets turned into a 'low' lumen strobe. You have to access H1 somehow to return it to it's normal mode. It's like the torch forgets what H1 is until you remind it ...

Has anyone else experience this, or can replicate the behaviour themselves now, or ideally, have an idea of how to permanently fix it?

Edit: This is regarding high frequency strobe.

Thank you!