About XTAR rechargeable 1.5V Li-ion AA batteries’ discharge current

XTAR Light

Apr 26, 2010
The max continuous discharge current of xtar 1.5V AA Li-ion battery is 2A. There are a lot of devices that can benefit from the higher voltage and medium draw of this battery. The battery has built-in over-temperature and over-current protections. If the discharge current exceeds 2A-2.5A, the protection system will kick in to safeguard the battery from damage. So for devices that demand instantaneous current exceeding 2.5A or continuous currents exceeding 2A, using the 1.5V Li-ion batteries might not be very suitable due to the battery's protection systems.

Some users may have AA/AAA lights which use linear drivers without current limiting features. They could produce an instant output of 300lm or more, requiring a current output of around 2.5A or higher. Then, these kind of lights will need unprotected batteries. For many EDC AA/AAA lights, max output below 250lm, using 1.5V Li-ion batteries will be fine, which can also keep the light stable & brighter.

In fact, for 1.2V NiMH AA/AAA batteries, even with brands like Eneloop, the continuous output above 2A will also greatly shorten the battery's life. Generally, the cycle life of 1.2V NiMH batteries is about 500 times, while the cycle life of xtar rechargeable 1.5V Li-ion battery is around 1200 times, with longer life and eco-friendly choice.