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Acebeam X50 2.0 and Rider RX AL with world premiere!


Apr 1, 2015
* X50 2.0 is an upgraded version of X50.

-Compared with the earlier version, there are some changes in appearance, such as the color of buttons and bezels changed to black style, the greater curvature of the handle, and more and deeper cooling fins;
-In terms of performance parameters, the 2.0 version has changed from the original step-down circuit to a booster circuit, at this time, the brightness has increased to a maximum of 45,000 lumens, and the charging interface of the battery pack has been upgraded from the original silicone plug to a screw protection tail cover, the waterproof level is improved to IP68, and the PD60W charging and discharging protocol have been upgraded. At this time, it only takes about 1 hour to fully charge the battery pack, which greatly improves the mobility and flexibility of the X50 2.0 as mobile lighting, and is almost suitable for general mobile electronic devices as working as a power bank. For example, the charging needs of mobile phones and tablets.

*Rider RX AL is the latest Rider RX aluminum shell version, plus the previous colorful stainless steel shell and stone-washed titanium alloy shell version. At this time, a new member of aluminum has been added to the Rider RX family. If there will be more shell materials? let us wait and see!


The release date of the X50 2.0 and Rider RX AL is April 28. Interested ACEBEAM friends stay tuned!

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