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I know this belongs in the "batteries" area but i never go there, and beings were doing the LS high powered led stuff its about time to stuff the myth that alkilines are bettern a great rechargable.

I use a lot of AA's and in the HIGH POWER items
florescent light
power flash units
lcd micro TV's

these 1600 NIMHY batteries , when charged proper and actually working :)
are lasting LONGER than the alkilines
off brand

the only ones i havent tried

did you hear it correctally
a 1600ma battery that is reusable lasts LONGER
than a 3800ma battery that costs a mint
and is tossed out.

Ya that is what i said
and because there is now 1800ma nimhy
its time to convert for them HIGH power items

at first i thought the alkilines would revive after given TIME to come back to life, didnt happen they is DEAD.

it has even been said that for digital still cameras these nimhy batteries are lasting longer.

i just thought i would say that, does anyone have any REAL FACTS that would disprove this?
all i know is stuff is working BETTER for longer with them in it.


more proof
here is an item that goes through batteries in about 8 HOURS, not as HIGH use as i am talking about, but another good example

Battery life with alkaline cells: ca. 8.5 hours
Battery life with rechargeable batteries:
ca. 3 hours (700 mAh NiCd)
ca. 5 hours (1100 mAh NiMH)
ca. 5.5 hours (1300 mAh NiMH)
ca. 7 hours (1600 mAh NiMH)

another manufacturers recomendation for a digital cam:

"Performance will be limited with alkaline batteries, especially in low
temperatures. NiMH batteries are recommended."

of course if i got the info from the SELLERS of this stuff, it would be highly biased, but this is what the manufacturers provided

cd players
all the things that SUCK batteries


now i know that somone is going to come along and say, well they just arent pulling the entire capacity oout of the alkiline, because they have no circitry.
ok sure then do you want a box of these dead batteries, is there 1/2 of the life of the battery left when its outputting .8v ?

do these products not have circuits in them , regulaters etc, are the manufacturers not trying every trick in the book to squeeze out the juice out of the available power sources, or is it totally unthought of as they make a device that fits 4lbs of electronics in a 2x4 inch case.


pro minidisk player/recorder

AA x 8 2.5 hr 3 hr
NiMh x8(1550mAH each) 3 hr 3.5 hr ? hr

digital camera

PowerShot A10 can capture up to 500 images using alkaline batteries or even an incredible 1000 images with NiMH batteries.

some tests:

All the batteries did an excellent job in the moderate-drain tests, but our tougher flash test put things in a different light: The Duracell Ultra M3 outperformed the pack, lasting about 40 percent longer than the Energizer e" and more than twice as long as the standard Duracell. The performance of the e" was only marginally better than the standard Energizer.

So, is the Ultra M3 the best nonrechargeable choice for use in high-drain devices? Not if you focus solely on cost. While the Ultra M3 might save the day should a crucial photo opportunity arise when another battery is fading, its high price (99 cents each when bought in an eight-pack) is a drawback. For the cost of one Ultra M3, you can buy two or more standard alkaline cells. Even if those standard cells have to be changed more often, they're still likely to be more cost-effective

looks like the energizer bunny is only GOING for your wallet :)


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Mar 9, 2001
it is all about the rate of current discharge. nimh does better with high current devices, alkalines tend to drop their voltage too fast and heat up when you draw too much current. that's why nimh last longer with high current devices such as digital cameras, but not so with slower drain devices where you can extract all the current out. Lithium batteries are also good at handling high current.

The question now is if the 300mah or so that the LS draws is a high current or low current design.


well if its AA's the lexon would just hit the mark, being used up in 5 hours

I figure that anything that sucks it up that fast qualifies. Especially stuff that sucks a battery in 3 hours.

I think a lot of the rejection of rechargables comes from the older lower current batteries that keep comming with devices. like half power nimhys and nicads



Apr 4, 2001
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Video Guy:
I figure that anything that sucks it up that fast qualifies. Especially stuff that sucks a battery in 3 hours.

I think a lot of the rejection of rechargables comes from the older lower current batteries that keep comming with devices. like half power nimhys and nicads


From mfg'r data sheets for AA alkaline cells you get 1 amp-hr at 900mA draw (high drain) or 2.8 amp-hr at a more reasonable 100mA drain. So yes - drain them fast and you get a third to a half of the Alkaline's normal capacity - you trade capacity for high drain rate. Lithium AA cells give about the same life whether you draw at a 1A rate or a 10mA rate. If you have a high drain item to power with AA's than NiCd or NiMH cells are certainly more economical than Lithium or alkaline - and yes the lower NiCd/NiMH capacity of 1.2 to 1.8Ah is still better than the high drain capacity of an alkaline cell.

B-U-T, if you keep the high drain item on the shelf and use it only occasionally, then the 10 year shelf life of lithium or 5-7 year life of alkaline are a real benefit compared to the feeble few months a NiCd or NiMH cell can hold a charge before self discharging to nothing.

For me the self discharge is what keeps me away from NiCd or NiMH except for one or two items in the house. For those two items I'd go broke on alkalines.

For those interested some of this info is in: We don't need no stinking resistors


depends on the USE
course with nimhys use/cost is non hindering
so where one might have conserved, they can splurge :)

the lion batteries have pretty good holding power, right now i am getting about 1-2% a month, which is 2 years of possible staying power.

i havent tested the nimhys for self discharge, but the nicads (parked for lack of usefullness) are all dead, zip, nada.

and even the lion likes a nice cycling contrary to the manufacturers specs.

one company is now packaging and shipping nimhys fully charged and they were only $2.50 apiece thats only 5 trips around to a savings.

also another yet undiscussed thing is parellel batteries and increased self discharge due to slight diferences even between same brands same batch.