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Sold/Expired ALL SOLD: T1A Neutral XP-G by DaFab (Sold:Delghi Iris)


Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 22, 2010
Pennsylvania, USA
Hey CPF'ers!

Today I've got two lights for sale that I thought I would never get rid of. They are both in mint/excellent condition.

No trades except for an RA Twisty w/low red plus cash.

Payment via Paypal. Either via gift or add 3% to cover the fees.

Shipping via First Class mail w/delivery confirmation and insurance is included.

Conus only!

First Ill take it posted in this thread followed by prompt payment gets the light!

1. Surefire T1A XP-G: This light has been carried and used lightly, but shows no signs of it. The anno is in excellent condition (no dings/scratches etc). The light was modded by DaFabricata with a neutral XP-G. It has a very smooth and pure white beam. The emitter is centered perfectly. This is pretty much the perfect edc light. This sale includes the original box/packaging, blue lanyard, and the camo orange lanyard.

More info/beamshots on DaFab's XP-G T1A mods: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...21#post3400121

Price: $300 shipped Conus (see shipping and pmt info above) SOLD to SOYCD

2. Delghi Aluminum Iris: This was my grail light. If you love orange you will love this light. The annodization is flawless. The color is hard to capture on camera, but I believe Delghi did it best (thread linked below). This light was CNC machined by Delghi and includes a crenelated Ti bezel, vanilla scent impregnated clicky tail switch, thick UCL lens, and CREE XP-G R5 bin led. It puts out about 240 lumens if I remember correctly. The ergos on this light are phenomenal and it has the EDC interface (two modes, Hi and Low with memory).

This light is the non-numbered run he did and is since sold out. When I asked him if he would be doing any more Iris's he said it was not likely!

Link to Delghi's old sales thread with info and photos: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...d.php?t=254329

Price: $300 shipped Conus (see shipping and pmt info above) SOLD to Choppers!

For an extra $10/ea I can include a small velcro Surefire pouch for the T1A and a velcro holster for the Iris made by TripleAughtDesign. Only for sale if you purchase the above light.