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Sold/Expired Anyone interested in Titanium screws?


Dec 5, 2007
Over the years as a custom knifemaker I have looked for a good supply of Ti screws without the terrible cost most places charge for them. I kind of have a collection now of Ti screws, way more than I could ever use.

I am not going to be making anything from these, just thought I might be able to help you guys out that want some.

I mostly have 2/56 short button head screws that are an alloy of 93% Ti and 7% other material to make them a little more shiny. I have lots of these and would be willing to sell some to you guys that want to use them for clips, etc... I cant remember if these will take ano colors or not, will try in the shop today, they can be heat colored.

I also have some smaller quantites of screws made from 6al4v Ti in 2/56 and some other sizes. Also mostly button head some with torx drive and others slotted.These will take the full range of ano colors but they are also much more expensive.

If your interested let me know what you would prefer and I will get some prices for you. I will go in my shop today and get some pics of them and post some prices for the different sizes I have.