Anyone modded the Durabuilt 1W LED AC/DC rechargeable light?


Feb 18, 2007
Hey guys, I have this Durabuilt 1W rechargeable luxeon flashlight that can be plugged into a car outlet to recharge or into the adapter provided. I bought two of them a while back and opened one to see what was inside. There seems to be a charging circuit that can tell when the battery is fully charged or not and will light an LED accordingly and it charges 3AAA NiMh housed inside the flashlight. I couldn't get to where it provides power to the LED or the circuits if there is any but I measured the voltage across the luxeon when it was lit and it measured out to be exactly 2.89 volts I think. It's claimed to be regulated for 4 hours. So what I am asking is there any way to change out the luxeon and put another LED in there. The luxeon is star mounted and easily removable but the 2.89V is what I am worried about. Does anyone know if this light will put out a higher voltage with a different LED or put out a higher current to drive the LED brighter, say a Cree or SSC?