ARC suggestions.


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Jun 22, 2001
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I know that some suggestions have already been made and are often repeated. Perhaps some are already under consideration or are aleady in the works. I am hoping that this thread could be an inventory of suggestions and if practical, can one day be incorporated. At least you would know what we are thinking.

I know that you are too far along to make changes in your current design of the Arc-LS. Maybe in the Future some battery packs can be made with a Centered Lanyard Ring. This could be accomplished by having the the base of the battery pack include an intergal flush lip, this would allow a fold away D ring mounted on the base.

An old suggestion brought back. Battery packs for Single D and C cell batteries or perhaps a whole new design to address this.

Hard coat Arc-AAA's to match the finish on the Arc-LS.

The sale of individual heads for the Arc-AAA. Better yet, a kit that includes a small flat case that can hold an Arc-AAA with a head installed and all of the other heads that are available. This could allow switching heads to find what is the most appropriate color for the application. This would be nice for those of us who want to try all of the colors and decide what to carry as well as the flexibility to change our mind. I personally want to try all of the colors before purchasing an Arc-AAA in Hard coat (if it becomes a reality) to get the perfect companion to Carry Arsenal of a 6 or 9 volt SureFire, the Arc-Ls and of course the Arc-AAA carefully color picked to complement the group.

Various carry options to cover every need From something properly sized and optimized for carrying an Arc-AAA on a zipper pull with a quick release mechanism for backup lighting or special purpose lighting while backpacking or caving all the way up to out in the field, to in the big city carry options for the Arc-LS. Who knows, Some may want to be able to carry more than one Arc-LS or Arc-AAA's along with other gear on some occations.

Would love to here the thoughts, ideas, and suggestions from others. Perhaps some can become reality. I for one am very excited about the Arc-LS and love my Arc-AAA's


Mar 27, 2001
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yes all of your points are good!

do it guys.