are my new trust fire rcr123's any good??


Mar 10, 2011
Well!! It's a pleasure to be back. Except I guess I must've registered during the holidays since I've had to "start over again" :(..........

Anyway, I recently bought a Thrunite 2C and have been powering it with 2 NEW TrustFire 880mAh's. I began using them "new" after checking voltage before their first use. After using the light (moderately) for about 3 days, it suddenly went "dark". Checked voltage on both cells. 1 cell was at 3.7 :)... the other one was......... 100% DEAD :eek:. NO voltage reading!! Put the dead one in the Pila to charge. Took it out after about an hour to check volts again. It was up to 4.0 IIRC. Put both cells back in the light. (full brightness again) Ran it for a little bit... and again the light went dark! Checked both cells again. THIS time BOTH of them read ZERO volts! :ironic: Charged `em again to the "green light". Now they're resting.

When I got the cells, I got 4. So now I'm using the other 2 to see how THEY do. Any ideas here? :confused: