Back again!


Newly Enlightened
Mar 13, 2022
A plea to the vast book f knowledge that is Candlepower Forums! 😁.
I now have three Convoy C8+ lights. Two with XPL Hi LED. One 500k and one at 4000k. I have also just purchased the Osram version. My question is this. How the hell do I get rid of all the annoying blinky modes, battery check and so on. I have studied the available diagrams and read various word only instructions and pretty sure I'm doing it right but not one of these lights will allow me to change the UI other than to go into advanced mode which I did with ease. Yea Me! lol.
I'd also like to limit the number of regular modes or go to ramping but can't seem to get anywhere with that.
Oh and thanks guys and girls. I always bought lights according to need but since being on this sight I seem to have acquired a boyish urge to buy more and different ones just for fun lol. My latest being a Noctigon DM11 with green Osram which I spend far to much time playing with than I should 😁