Bargain LED pen light from Wal-Mart

Mr Happy

Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 21, 2007
Southern California
Given how much fun is being had with the $2.50 1AA light from Home Depot, I thought I'd mention another low cost light I found in Wal-Mart.

It is a combo ball point pen/LED light/laser pointer for about $2.88 + tax. The pen body is good quality metal with a solid feel and a choice of brushed or shiny finish. The laser pointer is a nice and bright 5 mW, and the light is perhaps the weak point, being a blue (3 mm?) LED with just a few lumens. Even so, the light is plenty bright enough to find your way around an unlit hallway at night.

I think they are a nice buy as stocking fillers. They seem to be found on the impulse buy racks near the checkouts.


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May 23, 2008
These lights are useful only if you are going to do a presentation and need the laser function, otherwise the pen is almost useless, It has everything but none of its functions are really usable.

Great as gift btw.