Boruit V20 vs Wuben X3


Sep 6, 2010
Hello All,

I've recently acquired the Boruit V20 and the Wuben X3 and I thought I'd contribute to the forum and compare the two, because from a distance, these two lights looks to be brothers separated at birth. The V20 is so new, there's very little info about it on the interweb. It was only a handful of days ago that Boruit listed it on their own website. When I bought mine, I had to get it from AliExpress because it was not listed in Boruit's site at all.

This won't be an in-depth review as such, more of a comparison from a flashlight nerd.

First up, a few group shot with the RovyVon E7 for a size comparison:



The E7 is the smallest of the three, but that, and the fact that you can use a AAA battery when the built-in rechargeable goes flat, is pretty much all it has going for it. There is a point where a flashlight can be too small, and I would put the E7 in that category. The V20 and X3 are similarly sized, and is the size and form factor I prefer for an EDC light. The X3 feels to me to be of a slightly higher quality in terms of materials used, overall design, and manufacturing execution. It's not that the V20 is bad (I rate it higher than the E7), it's just not as good as the X3, IMHO.

Here are a few photos of the Black V20's packaging and what it comes with:


And here's the X3.....




Sorry, the Otacle Knife shouldn't have been in the photo!!! Just to clarify, it did not come with the X3. It's what I used to open the box.

Here is a group shot. From left to right, GITD V20, Black V20, GITD X3.


I actually have another GITD V20 not pictured, and a Black X3 on its way.

What I like about the V20:

- 180 degree swivel head. Further down below is a photo showing how the light can be carried inside your shirt/jacket pocket and still have the main lights facing outwards.
- IP67 rated
- Has several light modes including on the side blue, red, white, green, UV, flash red, flashing red/blue
- Loud panic siren that is accessed quickly via a long press of the left button (good for discouraging aggressive dogs on my evening walks)
- Magnetic base
- 2-way pocket clip
- Up to 1000 lumens
- USB C rechargeable directly
- High Red on the swivel head
- Has a "throwier" beam but can be converted to flood with the included diffusers.
- Memory function
- Quick access to Turbo

What I don't like so much about the V20:

- A bit too gimmicky with the different light modes. The low red and the flashing red are probably the only one I will use as a rear light clipped on to my bag/back for when I'm on my nightly stroll. I don't mind having the other modes, but they should be harder to access.
- The Low Red is still too high. I wished it was much lower so that I can use it for the mid-night toilet trips.
- The pocket clip is good functionally, but I just wish it was less obtrusive. I prefer the clip of the X3, but I don't usually clip the light onto a bill of a hat (which both lights can accommodate).
- I wish the circuitry and innards weren't so visible. The X3 is more opaque than the V20, and what can be seen (e.g. the wireless charging coil) front and centre making it a design "feature" and the X3 the charming "looker" of the two.
- The asymmetric magnetic base can make the light less stable in some (rare) scenarios and limit its usage. More on this later.
- The USB-C charging port is deeply recessed and the hole to access it is quite narrow. What this means is not all USB-C cables will fit. The one that comes with the light naturally does, but the lanyard cable from the X3 does not. I tried another cable, which was braided and not cheap, and it only fitted in with some modification (filing down the plastic on the plug ends). This is a real shame because I'm unwilling to modify the X3's lanyard cable because doing so will nullify the lanyard aspect.


The offending USB-C port of the V20.

to be cont....


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Sep 6, 2010
What I like about the X3:

- The rotating head and the form factor of the light. There's one very rare scenario that I've encountered where the X3 beats the V20. More on this later on.
- Well thought-out design (unobtrusive pocket clip, symmetrical magnetic base, aesthetically pleasing, no-charging port to ruin the lines, etc)
- High quality materials (thicker plastics, etc)
- Charging case is a powerbank and can charge other devices. Please note that the charging case does not charge the X3 wirelessly as claimed by many reviewers on YouTube. The KickStarter version did, but they changed it in the final release version. The X3 is charged via 2 copper contacts in its magnetic base. This speeds up the charging of the light and I applaud Wuben for making this change.
- The charging case has a built-in diffuser that allows the light to be used as a lantern whilst it is being charged.
- Multi-function lanyard-charging cable with built in Lightning adapter.
- Wireless charging capability. They could have deleted the wireless capability of the light when they changed the charging case, but they decided to keep it as wireless charging is becoming more and more prevalent and a differentiator in this category. I haven't seen another with this capability in this category.
- Available with a smaller and simpler charging base.
- Much simpler UI despite only having only one button. I can access Low Red using the memory function and a long press when the light is off.
- A one lumen Low Red. Much more suited for retaining night vision.
- The LCD screen. It's so easy to tell how much charge the in-built battery has instead of having to guess.
- I like how the blue indicator light can be deactivated
- Has a lock out feature and memory function
- Warm floody beam. Ideally suited for a work light. Beam can be made even more floodier with the diffuser from the V20.

What I don't like so much with the X3:

- Only IP65 rated. Not a dealbreaker and IP65 is plenty for my intended use.
- The price. Depending on whether you opt of the case or the base or both, the price can end up being triple of the V20. I bought a pair of GITD V20's for less than the price of the most basic X3. The V20 wins the value-for-money proposition hands down. Not just against the X3, but IMHO against any light in this category.
- Requires to be charged via the base or the case or wirelessly. I see this less of an issue because wireless chargers are more widespread (I have one in my work car) and the light is so efficient that I don't see this being a problem for me. I only mentioned it because it may be a deal-breaker for some.
- No flashing red. It's not a biggie and certainly not a deal-breaker for me. I only want the flashing red for night-strolls and in the event of a vehicle break down. I have other lights for such occasions (e.g. the V20). The X3 does have a strobe and SOS mode which can be used instead, although I find the strobe too obnoxious in most situations. Plus I don't want to be the cause of epileptic seizures, etc.

Next up are a two scenarios where one light is better than the other. These admittedly are quite unique situations which most probably would not encounter, but I have and will most likely do so in the future.


The photo above shows both lights magnetically attached to the steel protective edging on the corner of the drywall. Whilst both lights have the magnetic strength to support themselves, the width of the steel strip is such they can only be oriented as shown. The V20 in particular an only be mounted as shown. The asymmetry of it's magnetic base does not allow it to be rotated 180 degrees on its base. Doing so has the V20 wanting to rotate back to the position shown. The problem with the V20 is in this position the head cannot be positioned so that it is shining down. On the other hand, the X3 can be rotated on its base 180 degrees in which case the head will point up, which maybe what is desired. I've come across this exact situation at work where the only steel mounting point nearby was the protective steel strip in the wall. I concede this is a scenario that 99.99% of V20 owners will probably never come across, but it is a possible one nonetheless.

Note, the issue I've outlined is only an issue when you cannot mount directly to a steel structure. The magnets of both lights are strong enough to support their own weight in any orientation when you can.

Below is where the swivel head of the V20 trumps the X3.....


The photo above is probably a more common scenario. It shows the pocket clip capability of the light with the LED's facing forward. Whilst the clip and swivel heads of both will allow you to clip the light on the outside of the pocket with the LEDs (including High RED) shining forwards, only the rotating head of the V20 will allow you to clip the light INSIDE your pocket and still have the LEDS shining forward. This is a big plus where there is a high probability of dislodging and losing the light. Being able to carry the light more discreetly this way also has the added benefit to those not wanting to seek attention.

So to summarise, both of these are great lights. The Boruit wins on the value front but IMHO the Wuben is the better light when price is not a consideration. It goes without saying that I am a fan of both these lights, owning three V20's and two X3's. The warm floody beam of the X3, the powerbank charging case that I can use to charge my phone on site, and the more stable base and unique rotating head, makes it the ideal work light for me. One of my X3 (the Black one with the diffuser from the V20 attached) is dedicated purely for this task. My 2nd X3 (the GITD version) has been assigned to be my night light. Its easy-to-access ultra-low red makes it perfect for the nightly trips to the toilet/fridge/etc and the GITD aspect makes it easier to locate in the dark.

As for the V20's, well their throwier and brighter beams, along with the loud and easy to access panic alarm, make them the ideal light for night strolls. One will be clipped to my back or bag flashing red to catch the attention of motorists, and the other will be in my pocket or hand for quick deployment to spot wildlife in the trees/shrub and to scare off any aggressive dogs. What about the third V20, I hear you ask. Well.....I thought the black version would mask some of the lights innards and improve its looks. It does but still not enough to overtake the X3 in the looks department.

I think that pretty much covers it. I hope I've helped someone with their purchasing decision. Cheers.
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